Seaside Family Counselling Services Cancellation Policy

Seaside Family Counselling Services is a busy counselling clinic. When you book an appointment with us, we allocate a session time of at least 50 minutes exclusively for you, ensuring that it suits your availability. Just as we are dedicated to your therapy, we kindly ask for your commitment as well.

As our clinic experiences high demand, to minimize waiting lists, we kindly request that you consider the time frame leading up to your appointment when cancelling or rescheduling.

We are now implementing a cancellation policy. In essence if an appointment is cancelled, rescheduled or if there is a non-attendance at appointments with less than 48 hours’ notice, the session will be charged at a 50 % rate of the original appointment cost.

In cases of major illness or emergencies, the cancellation charge will be waived. Clinicians can use their discretion based on your specific situation regarding cancellations. In cases of minor illnesses, we encourage you to swap your appointment to a Telehealth or phone - appointment so you are still able to make the appointment.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. We strive to provide exceptional care to all our clients, and your commitment to your therapy journey is greatly appreciated

If you are unable to attend your appointment in person, we can arrange for it to be conducted as a Telehealth consultation via phone or video. Our clinicians welcome this option especially if you are unwell as it minimises risk by not coming into the clinic when unwell. In the case of swapping a face-to-face appointment for a phone or Telehealth appointment, you will still be offered the same length appointment with the clinician. In this case the appointment can still be utilised, and the usual consultation fees will apply as if it were an attended face-to-face appointment.