Meet The Team


Cecilia Carvalho

has a Bachelor of Social Science, a Bachelor of Social Work, a Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, Circle Security in Assessment and Treatment and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training. She has thirty six years of experience in working in the south-west of Victoria and is passionate in providing specialist counselling services to families of this region.

Cecilia specialises in the delivery of trauma services, assisting both men and women to improve relationship satisfaction and health. Her methods acutely focus on prevention through strength-based

counselling practices and personal empowerment. She also works with couples and groups providing EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) to organisations and industry. She intends to support Small Business to create practical policies and procedures for the continued support of employee health.

Cecilia brings to her work the experience of twenty years as a counsellor and trainer in TAFE and in University settings, four years working in Foster Care and Family counselling, six years as a counsellor and team leader in a perinatal unit and then six years in private practice. With this experience she will provide support and supervision to the practitioners at Seaside Family Counselling Services.


Dr Kristan Braun

holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree Hons (Psychology) and a Doctorate in Psychology (Health) and has been in the psychology and wellbeing space for over 20 years. She is an experienced therapist and group work facilitator, having worked in a variety of settings both in the South-West and in Melbourne.

Kristan has a special interest in mind and body wellbeing and is passionate about individuals rediscovering their inner wisdom, wellness and resilience. At Seaside, Kristan offers services in individual counselling and group wellbeing programs. Her signature group program is the Pressing Pause Women's Wellbeing Course - for more information please click here.

Kristan’s therapy methods and group work is guided by her philosophy that every aspect of our lives influences our wellbeing; and how we balance and take care of our physical, mental, emotional, and social worlds helps us achieve harmony and ease. Luckily these are skills that can be learnt and honed meaning that each of us has the opportunity to empower ourselves for optimum wellness.

Kristan’s nurturing approach aims to offer guidance, support and empowerment for individuals to gain insight and self-awareness helping them move forward and flourish.


Lin-Rose Bright

has a Bachelor of Social Work, an Advanced Certificate in Residential and Community Services (Youth and Child Care), an Advanced Certificate in Community Services (Intellectual Disability) and is an accredited Animal-Assisted Therapist. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Social Work Advanced Practitioner at Melbourne University.

Lin-Rose has over 23 years of experience working across a large cohort within the Community Services sector. She has worked as a counsellor with adults and children who have been affected by family violence and sexual assault, anxiety and depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, grief counselling, mental health counselling including crisis, self-harm and suicide risk assessments. She has also worked in the Child Protection and Family Support area. In her spare time. Lin-Rose enjoys the outdoors including horse riding, listening to music and reading.


Justine Demaine

holds a Masters in Clinical Family Therapy, a Masters in International and Community Development and a Degree in Welfare. Justine has 18 years of  experience working with young people and families in various settings including schools, youth refuges and clinical services. Justine developed and operated an alternative school for students in Sydney and has worked in the US and UK with families whose children are diagnosed on the spectrum.

works with families as a whole who are experiencing conflict or struggling through life changes such as teenage-hood, separation or divorce, blended families, chronic school refusing behaviours and communication problems in complex family structures. Justine believes that families are the experts of their own lives and that her job is to create change through respectful and kind communication.

At Seaside Family Counselling Services Justine will be facilitating individual, family and group interventions. As well as providing parent coaching and workshops around teenagers, Justine will run group support programs for tweens (aged 8 to 12) and has a special interest to support young people on the Autism spectrum. She will also conduct group programs for parents of children with special needs.


Andrea Lane

is the founder of Health with Hypnotherapy. Over the past 12 years Andrea has built a solid reputation within Warrnambool and the surrounding district as a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Brainspotting Resource Trauma Therapist.

Andrea believes that all of our lives - to differing degrees - are disrupted by experiences of anxiety, depression, trauma and other challenges. If you are want to improve your emotional and behaviour responses to these challenges, or if you just have trouble defining who you are as a person, with compassion and understanding Andrea is ready to support you reach your potential.

Andrea has experience with a vast range of issues such as trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol related issues, fears, phobias and much more. She is empathetic and offers a positive, caring, nurturing environment where people feel safe, heard and understood. In this supportive and collaborative therapeutic relationship, people are empowered to process, release, heal and gain greater insights into themselves. The result is a positive change in the way they feel about themselves and life events.


Wanda Little

is a general psychologist who has trained at Monash University, Flinders University and Charles Sturt University. She has 20 years of experience working in schools as both a psychologist and teacher including three years as Head of Department Special Education. She is also a certified divorce coach, completing her training last year.

Wanda has worked in telehealth, cross agency settings and private psychology settings. She takes an empathic, straightforward and nurturing approach when working with clients and their families towards their mental health goals.

Wanda utilises a range of therapeutic modalities including Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. She specialises in seeing people with depression, anxiety disorders, ADHD, relationship concerns, chronic pain, stress and burnout, difficult life transitions, workplace issues and sleep difficulties.

When not working as a psychologist, she spends her time exploring new places with her teenage children and is often at the beach or walking her pet Schnauzer dog.


Jake Hicks

is a Master Coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®.  He is the founder of Power Play Coaching.

Jake brings personality and energy to his practice to elevate you to focus on a solution that’s right for you. He has a passion for working with the mind carefully guiding your focus to succeed through positivity and profound insight. Obstacles and challenges can be overcome. Jake strives to be the extra man on your team to truly help you reset and achieve your goals.

With a strong understanding of Anxiety & Depression Jake specialises in delivering effective solutions to individuals who may be experiencing them in a variety of forms. He also provides services in Self Hypnosis, Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Performance Enhancement, Habit Removal, Pain Management, Stress Reduction, Emotional Release, Removing Limiting Decisions & Beliefs, Positive Mindset and Life Coaching.

Jake also facilitates training in hypnosis at various times of the year. This training shows you how hypnosis can affect positive and profound change. With small and simple steps you will be able to effectively create and deliver suggestions to yourself or individuals with careful instruction and supervision of a Master Hypnotist.


Patricia Howard

Patricia Howard or Trish has a bachelor of science and a Certificate IV in Horticulture. She has worked as an administrator in insurance and education for almost 40 years, supporting management, teachers and students.  

Trish is a wonderful communicator and brings a blend of highly skilled administrative and IT support. She has volunteered with the Lost Dogs’ Home in Melbourne and WIRES in Coffs Harbour. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, bushwalking and sewing.